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Training for a triathlon takes up a large portion of time and requires the athlete to perform a calculated juggle to squeeze training in with work and family time. A training plan needs to deliver all the fitness requirements and eliminate wasted sessions or fillers, which restrict improvement and lead to a plateau in performance.

From past experience we have discovered that many age group triathletes spend all of their training sessions at the same intensity and effort. Sessions flow into one another and actually serve no other purpose than to just maintain fitness. The important measure for triathletes – aerobic threshold, stays the same when all training is performed at the same pace and the end result is no improvement and disappointment.

Every training program we have developed focuses on “pace change”. Adding training sessions into a plan that force pace change is key. This method develops broader ranges throughout all of the athletes fitness zones and creates a more complete athlete that can maintain greater effort over longer durations.

Another key component to build every endurance athletes repertoire is through Strength Endurance (SE) workouts. Half distance and Full distance (IM) events require athletes to endure massive amounts of muscle fatigue over long durations. The athletes that can maintain form and pace whilst under such fatigue will always have greater success in distance events. SE training improves athletes ability to cope with muscle fatigue and ensures that one can last longer at race paced effort. Triathlon specific SE sessions are functional and time smart for the busy and time poor age group triathlete. So performing a bike workout that is SE targeted is the best way to include this type of training into our plans.

Plan structure is the final piece of the puzzle. The structure of a training plan needs to flow and be 3 sport specific (not single sport orientated). It also needs to be enjoyable and challenging whilst increasing in volume and intensity over periods or blocks. There needs to be a degree of athlete accountably added to a plan and test sessions are how we achieve this. Rest and recovery is an essential part to ensure that the best quality is reached in as many sessions as possible week after week. The amount of essential rest and recovery does vary greatly from athlete to athlete, so it is difficult to accurately establish the right requirement for everyone. Our plans include rest days but  we stress that every athlete needs to become very aware of their own requirements and heed warning signs well before putting themselves into a deep hole of fatigue.

Following a training plan is the most effective way to improve. A good plan will challenge and reward you at the same time. Our plans have been thought out and developed from our vast experience training ourselves and with others over the last 25 years. We hope that you enjoy them.


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