Supporting a global movement

Since its inception in early 2020, the Pho3nix Foundation has grown with speed and purpose. The brainchild of Polish investor, businessman and entrepreneur Sebastian Kulczyk, Pho3nix began as a simple concept: to assist and inspire new and future generations to enjoy sport and movement.

Originally pairing the inspiration of the elite Pho3nix Team with a range of direct-assistance kids projects, the Pho3nix Foundation has grown to now offer a complete pathway for athletes - from participation events for those as young as five, to sponsorship and assistance for athletes on the cusp of Olympic selection.

From making the team to living the dream, Pho3nix is there for every step.


Pho3nix Kids Triathlons/Fun Runs are the largest of our kids programs, with the goal of becoming the world’s largest kids sports series and achieving our mission of creating a more active generation.

Pho3nix Kids provides a fun and inclusive environment for kids as young as five to race and experience the joy of participating and competing in sport.

The Pho3nix Kids Triathlon project is headed by our ambassadors, including 8-time world champion Javier Gomez, dual Olympic Gold medallist Alistair Brownlee, triple Olympic medallist Jonathan Brownlee, Olympic gold medallist Nicola Spirig and 4-time World Champion Chris McCormack.


Kids ages 5-14 have participated in our series across England, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, the Philippines, Greece, Ghana and Australia.

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"We want to ignite the flame for the next generation, using the vehicle of sport to help children dream, overcome and fulfil their potential."

Sebastian Kulczyk

Pho3nix Founder + Chairman

Together We Rise

The Pho3nix Foundation assists and inspires children worldwide to achieve their dreams and live healthy, inspired lives through sport.

From kids triathlons and workshops to teen sports camps and assistance for aspiring Olympians, Pho3nix projects create a pathway from participation to professionalism. Pho3nix Club memberships and donations support every step on that pathway.