X-Tri Multi-Sport Level 3 (Platinum)

News and Updates

Includes: A full athlete performance profile assessment over Skype, FaceTime or any other agreed communication tool/ provider.

  1. Custom training program delivered to your personal training account.
  2. Weekly progress feedback and access to me via messenger, email and/or SMS.
  3. Key session feedback via your training account.
  4. Basic race planning advice and guidance.
  5. 25% discount on CurraNZ (Sports Nutrition).
  6. A full and comprehensive weekly phone call and full access to me via messenger, email and/or SMS.
  7. Unlimited changes to your program.
  8. Full and comprehensive race planning advice and guidance.
  9. Access to me via phone, messenger or SMS (Note: Phone response can take up to 8hrs).
  10. Body transformation advice and guidance.  (Included in this package are basic meal planning and recipes)
  11. Strength and conditioning advice and guidance (Kieser approach).


Together We Rise

The Pho3nix Foundation assists and inspires children worldwide to achieve their dreams and live healthy, inspired lives through sport.

From kids triathlons and workshops to teen sports camps and assistance for aspiring Olympians, Pho3nix projects create a pathway from participation to professionalism. Pho3nix Club memberships and donations support every step on that pathway.