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James Bale has anchored his life around endurance sports, taking up triathlon in 1998 at the age of 13, he has followed the sport as it evolved from the 90s, through the 2000s and onwards. Having competed at all distances up to Ironman, James now puts the majority of his own efforts into helping others achieve their goals no matter where the starting point.

James works with a range of athletes but particularly enjoys helping those that are taking their first tentative steps into the seemingly confusing world of triathlon. He specialises in demystifying and simplifying the sport; helping athletes of all levels and abilities achieve their goals and find the very best version of themselves through multi-sport.

Utilising fundamental concepts James’s methods are laid on a foundation of consistency, simplicity, repeatability, and the importance of communication. He believes that an athlete and a coach should have an open line of dialogue as they work towards an objective together with the single most important factor being consistency and desire to achieve.

Through years of personal experience he understands the complexities of the athletes mind and how important it is to cultivate a supportive and understanding environment that inspires an upward trajectory:

“Having raced triathlon for over two decades now I know as well as anyone what it is like trying to find your own path to success and the hurdles you’re likely to encounter. There’ll be days where you’ll be 100% motivated and days where you’ll need someone to just give you a nudge towards the goal – as a coach I’m there for the good times and the bad as I’ve seen both sides of the coin”

Understanding each athlete as a unique individual with a plethora of drivers and demands that need balancing against their goals within triathlon, James does not simply set a plan and expect it to be met. Instead he tailors each week to work alongside your own personal circumstances and ensures that goals are realistic based on how much time you have. Set a goal, understand what it will take to get there, and map the road ahead to allow that to happen.

“There is no one size fits all, we are all busy, we all have our own pressures, and we all have varying amounts of time to commit to where we want to go. If you want to tap into the very best you can be within your given context then this is no time for generic. We need to strip down everything and rebuild a tailored plan that’ll have maximising every session to find success”

James has a range of coaching options available for athletes from around the World. Get in touch with James below to find out how he can help you work towards your triathlon goals.


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