If Not Now, When?

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by James Bale

We all have things we are delaying, things we think we’ll do tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, or at some unspecified time in the future. Things that we know in the back of our minds will make us healthier, fitter, stronger, and keep our bodies in better condition, not only for sporting competition but also for day to day life.

We put these things off because we don’t ever really see the fierce urgency of the immediate – we know that a better diet will improve out overall health and tend our immune system. We know that doing the right level of exercise will keep our bodies healthier and stronger. But we put these things off because we always think there is time to make these changes and that that is what the future is for. “I know I should cut down but I’ll do it at some point” “I’m always thinking about improving my diet and losing a few lbs, but maybe next year”

2020 – in my mind – changed all that. Suddenly it mattered, immediately mattered, how healthy we are and how functional our immune systems are. There was no, I’ll make the changes down the road, what you had done and how you have lived up until this point suddenly mattered and was brought into sharp focus.

This year has made me look at how I live my life and reflect on certain things, it has made consider some choices about how I am going to live from now on and make changes now rather than at some point in the future. Things that have been at the back of my mind for some time, but never really had the push to take the step. 2020 has shown that the future is now, we live in the immediate and it is critically important that you are making the best choices for yourself right in this moment because you do not know what will happen tomorrow or even today.

We’re all triathletes, we live fairly healthy lives but maybe 2020 is the time to really dial down into the things you have been waiting to change but keep putting off. Do you really have a healthy diet? Do you really only drink a little bit from time to time? Do you honestly only miss the odd session?

In our community you have access to a range of experts who can help guide you through any changes you want to make. People at the top of their game who can give advice and help you take the steps towards the best version of you, use their expertise and take advantage of the huge range of knowledge at your fingertips.

2020 blindsided all of us, don’t let the warning slip by, if there is something you think you can do, or something you have been wanting to do to improve your health then take the step now and not at some point in the future. It could make the difference tomorrow.


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