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One of the biggest mistakes age-group triathletes make is taking too big a break when there are no races. While racing is the ultimate goal of triathlon training, an extended period without training provides the perfect opportunity to lay a solid strength base that you simply do not have the time to do in season.

Strength training lays the foundation for your training when you start to focus on a specific event and by having a solid base, you are able to improve your starting point each year as you start your season build.

This program is made up of 2x 4-week blocks with the volume increasing every week. While this is technically 8 weeks of off-season training there is no reason why it could not be extended out further by simply adding more reps or shortening the rest intervals or increasing the distances covered.

You should also feel comfortable taking a day off as required. This plan only allocates rest days during the middle recovery week. If you do need a day to recover feel comfortable taking it as required.

Your off-season is also a great time to get into the gym and work on any imbalances or weaknesses you may have.


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