Do You Take Rest Days?

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Anyone else struggle to take rest days?

One of the biggest parts of my job as a triathlon coach is taking the mental stress and energy out of training. Instead of athletes questioning if they are doing enough training, too much, if that ache is something to worry about or if they should take a day off they can open up Training Peaks and see exactly what to do.

There is enough to juggle in day-to-day life. Removing that mental stress makes it easier to just take a look and do what’s on the plan instead of questioning yourself.

I spend my time in the training data comparing things like pace or power in relation to heart rate to see if the athletes I coach are adapting to the workload or showing signs of fatigue. That way they can look as much or little at the data as they like and just worry about putting the work in.

Another big part is balancing the workload and letting athletes know it’s okay to take a rest day. I’ve been guilty of it in the past: feeling guilty for taking down time, or trying to fit in another couple sessions when resting would let me crush the training ahead instead of just slogging through.

I know a lot of A type athletes struggle with that. Sometimes it takes a note in the training plan that says rest and nothing else for them to take a day off.

Your body gets stronger when you rest and let it recover.

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