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After avoiding sport for the first 26 years of her life, Chloe Kay got into triathlon in 2013 going from absolutely zero fitness to finishing that sprint distance (albeit dead last, but still finished). Soon after that she was living and breathing triathlon.

She did her first Ironman in Cozumel, Mexico in 2014 and since then has done four more (including the Ironman World Championship in 2019). She has also raced many 70.3s including Shanghai, China where she won her age group and qualified for Kona.

Chloe Kay at the 2019 Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii

“There is often a lot of nerves and uncertainty. I love being a part of their journey (as cliche as that sounds) and giving them the tools and confidence to trust the process, believe in themselves, and ultimately achieve their goals.”

Chloe has been coaching for nearly two years, mentored by her coach and out of her experience working with physios recovering from overuse injury.

She loves coaching people to their first triathlon or first long distance race. She has also worked with athletes returning from injury and building back up to training and racing again.

In 2018 she completed Ultraman Australia —  a three-day endurance event consisting of a 10km swim, 420km ride and 84.3km run.

“Knowledge, understanding and nurturing are more important qualities of a coach than mere athletic ability. I enjoy working around obstacles to get the training/fitness in — if they can only ride on their mountain bike as the nearest sealed road is 60km away, then so be it.”

Currently based in Country NSW after six years on the Gold Coast, Chloe has worked with local athletes as well as interstate and remote areas of Australia.


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