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Movement is the Essence of Life

When people think about strength and conditioning, they frequently think training should make them sore and sweaty. But physical fitness is not about standing still and lifting weights, and is about so much more than just looking good.

The human body is designed for motion, not to remain sedentary. Strength doesn’t mean bulging biceps, but muscles doing their job properly so you can move without hurting. And conditioning means being able to do tasks without being worn out for days.

Andrew Read is one of Melbourne’s top personal trainers, and it is his core belief that humans are all athletes.

There is no difference between what a professional athlete needs and a stay-at-home mother needs. A professional athlete needs to run, turn, and squat to compete — but we all need to run to cross the street or chase down a child. We have to turn and squat to get in and out of the car, put groceries away, or even get on or off the toilet.

“My goal is to help you reclaim that inner athlete, that joyous child that could run and play all day long,” he says. He advocates movement, strength, and endurance work.

When we stop moving, we die.

His methods work across all ages and fitness levels, from young men attempting special forces selection to 60 and 70-year-olds winning world championships and ultramarathons.

Andrew is a Master RKC (Russian Kettlebell Certified) instructor — the only Australian ever promoted to this level. He is a lecturer for Functional Movement Systems, a qualified Olympic and Power Coach through the Australian Weightlifting Federation, an Ironman triathlete, and a prolific author for fitness publications and websites Blitz, Ultrafit, Inside MMA, International Kickboxer, UFC magazine, Oxygen, Complete Human Performance, Ben Greenfield Fitness, Dr. John Rusin, and Breaking Muscle.

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