Nutritional Coaching


A sports nutrition plan for you would be focused on balanced meals with a mix of Carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats.  The plan will be tailored to your specific sport, energy requirements, training schedule, or weight loss/gain needs.

Hydration is key and we specialise in advice and strategies for day to day, sports, or travel hydration needs.  Supplements may also be considered based on individual needs.

You would be charged per consultation, as everyones needs will be different.

For more information or questions please email [email protected]

Nutritional Coaching – Non Member
USD $250
In Stock
Nutritional Coaching – Pho3nix Club Member
USD $200
In Stock

Together We Rise

The Pho3nix Foundation assists and inspires children worldwide to achieve their dreams and live healthy, inspired lives through sport.

From kids triathlons and workshops to teen sports camps and assistance for aspiring Olympians, Pho3nix projects create a pathway from participation to professionalism. Pho3nix Club memberships and donations support every step on that pathway.